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Unveiling the Truth: Exposing the Practice of Fake Results in Coaching Institutes

In the competitive landscape of entrance exams like IIT-JEE and NEET in India, coaching institutes serve as guiding beacons for aspirants seeking to navigate the complexities of the syllabus and excel in their endeavors. However, amidst the promise of success, a disturbing trend has emerged – the use of fake results by many coaching institutions. Read on to know more about these deceptive practices and how not to fall prey for such practices. Wrongful practices adapted by certain coaching institutes: Some coaching institutes resort to manipulating data by inflating success rates and fabricating the achievements of their students in entrance exams. Most reputed coaching centers confuse people in the name of distance learning programs. Students who had merely registered for a scholarship test, or not even that, are offered a sum of money, for the sake of using their name.  Regular parents and students, being unaware of these strategies, usually don't bother to dig deep into the nature of these advertisements and end up believing the alternate picture painted in front of them. Certain institutes even go to the extent of manipulating rankings published in advertisements or promotional materials. They include ranks from previous years and use that to fool the upcoming aspirants. Such malpractices can adversely affect the future of  students as choosing what coaching to enroll into is one of the major life decisions of any candidate.

Repercussions of fake results on student’s future and society in general : 

The impact of fake results extends far beyond the realm of academic achievement. For students, discovering that they have been misled by coaching institutes can shatter their confidence and undermine their sense of self-worth. Students invest significant time, effort, and financial resources in preparing for entrance exams, hoping to secure admission into their desired institutions.Misleading them not only dashes their dreams but also raises questions on the whole education system.

By prioritizing short-term gains over ethical conduct, coaching institutes contribute to the normalization of dishonesty and undermine the integrity of the education system. This unfair use of trust not only affects students and their families but also diminishes the credibility of educational institutions in the eyes of the public.

How to decide what to believe and what not?

While getting admissions to these institutes, it's not just the money which is being invested by the student and the parents. It's the most precious phase of their whole careers and lives. Where and how they decide to invest this time will directly or indirectly decide the direction their lives take. Hence ensuring the authenticity of these advertisements becomes very crucial. Students and parents should exercise due diligence by cross-referencing the claimed results with official sources such as exam conducting bodies or reputable news outlets. Independent verification helps ascertain the authenticity of the reported achievements.

Since so much money and time is being invested by the parents and the students, they should also not shy away from seeking feedback from alumni who have previously enrolled in the coaching institute. Don’t hesitate to approach the previous pass out students as they can provide valuable insights into the actual success rates, teaching methodologies, and the actual guidance and mentorship provided at these institutes. Take your time to make an informed decision which you won’t regret later.

One should also visit and evaluate multiple options when it comes to selecting a coaching institute for their preparation. Doing thorough research and comparing multiple options should be a part of your selection process. Be clear and vocal about your needs and ultimately go with the option which best aligns with your goals and interests.

What should you, as a student, demand from these institutes? 

As a parent or student, it is your right to demand full transparency and accountability from these coaching institutes. It is also the duty of these institutes to prioritize transparency in reporting results and refrain from engaging in deceptive practices that compromise the integrity of education. Teaching is one of the most noble services that anyone could provide and it is highly crucial to not let the greed of money overpower the true purpose of these facilities.  Regulatory bodies should also make sure that they hold these institutes accountable for the advertisements and claims they are making. Stringent regulations, coupled with proactive measures to address complaints and grievances, safeguard the interests of students and uphold the sanctity of the education sector.

Ethics in Education: Radiance Institute Leads by Example

Radiance has been ethical in claiming results since inception. Thanks to free information and social media, now the fake claimers are being unmasked and we are getting more trust from both students and parents. Unlike other institutes that resort to deceptive practices, we pride ourselves on delivering authentic results based on genuine merit and hard work.  Every result Radiance has claimed is not just a classroom student, but a classroom student who has studied at least one year with us before the JEE attempt. We have always been transparent and our front office has a database of each and every selected student. We accept and take pride in the result we produce as it is the combined effort of our faculties that give their best in teaching and students who give their best in studying, which has reaffirmed our position as the best in Jabalpur! Be it a Hat trick of Jabalpur City topper Ranks in 2022, 2021 & 2020 in both JEE Advanced & JEE Main or be it an AIR-4! Our Ethics are fundamental for the trust of students and parents.


The prevalence of fake results in coaching institutes underscores the importance of vigilance in navigating the educational landscape. By exposing deceptive practices, implementing strategies to verify authenticity, and empowering students to make informed decisions, we can collectively work together to uphold the integrity of education. Let us all strive for transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct to ensure that every student embarks on a journey of learning guided by truth and integrity.

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