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9th/10th Students and JEE/NEET

Updated: Apr 5

Theme: How can student utilize class 9th/10th time period for JEE/NEET preparation? When it comes to competitiveness of exams, JEE and NEET are not just few of the most difficult exams of India but of the world! After Class 12th, competitive exams are the only route to get admission in Top Engineering and Medical Colleges of India. This is the first big stage where are students are tested not on absolute basis (which is usual mindset till class 10th, but on competitive parameters). Relax, Competitive exams are just more fun than school grading systems (if you are honest with your preparations during the two years)

Reasons of difficulty?

The very fundamental reason of difficulty for JEE and NEET is need of focus and consistency! If a student is given a confident approach about what needs to be done, and he/she is able to follow it religiously for 2 years, Exam is cracked. Period.

Vast syllabus (compared to class 10th): During covid syllabus of Boards was reduced, but this reduction was not applicable for JEE/NEET. The exam conducting organization is clear, they want students who are able to manage huge syllabuses in a productive and efficient manner.

Age of distractions: Students now have mobile phones in their pockets (which was not the case 4-5 years back). Social Media Apps and virtual world decreases the ability of students to think critically. Gaming increases anxiety, and anxiety kills discipline. This is the general trend.

When you have 5 Apps in your phone that you use, you are carrying 5 strong enemies of your career along with your body. Keep them away from your Pockets/Rooms and Life also if possible.

Negative Peer: Your social circle should be restricted to a small positive group. “Tere se JEE kyahoga”, “School me toh number aateynahi they”, “chalghumnechaltehain” etc.

Remember, you are a student and your job is to study subjects (PCM/PCZB). Anything that occupies your mind and hinders your focus should be thrown out of life in a very subtle way.

You are the average of 5 persons you hang out with.

What can a 9th/10th student do?

Academically: In class 9th/10th, finish your NCERTs along with coaching support material sincerely. Students should develop scientific temperament and critical thinking. Just questions Whys in science and try to find creative solutions in Math if possible. Learn to Analyse your tests/exams and find your weaknesses.

Don’t jump content wise to higher classes, rather do your job better of same class. NCERTs have always been relevant, learn to read their language. Learn to make efficient notes, revision scheduling. After everything is done, have fun and pursue your hobbies!

Psychologically: Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior. Observe yourself. How you feel before exams, during exams, after exams. What are the moments when you do a silly mistake while solving. Behavior of people around you when you perform well, crack a bad joke etc. Learn to live a more aware and conscious lifestyle. Make up your mind that Momos and bad and you will stop liking them. Our mind and our thoughts have a lot of power and there is no limit to what they can do.

For Mental Fitness: People go to gym to build muscles, they run to improve cardio, they cycle to reduce weight. But we don’t see people working out for mental fitness and JEE/NEET is a war of Mind.

I am not a doctor and this is not a medical advice, but studies have established that physical activity + meditation helps you build a strong mind.

Some suggestions:

Skipping helps you build concentration; music makes you efficient, reading keeps your mind sharp, meditation is transformational practice!

Question: Is JEE/NEET so tough that it will suck the life out of you? Are you going to have a bad time preparing for these exams?

Answer: NO. It is one of the highly enjoyable experiences of life. Student should live/eat/sleep with their subjects and need to start enjoying them as soon as possible. Just like Instagram/snapchat/social media is addictive, Physics/Chemistry/Math/Biology can be addictive too.

PCM/B are just addictions of intellectuals!

Hope this article helps you in life.

Feel free to drop your views in comment.


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