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Last 3 Months to CBSE Board Exam

RoadMap for Last 3 Months Board Preparation?


Class 10th Board Exam is a major event in every student’s life, the pressure built up by peer group, teachers, family sometimes creates noises in student’s mind and makes it difficult for him/her to channelize preparation. In this article I will try to jot some things down for you. Feel free to share if you find it helpful.

Some Facts:

1) Boards are Conducted by CBSE. And they’ve documented NCERTs as syllabus textbook.

One needs to understand NCERTs are the key to Boards and it’s the only textbook that should be by hearted. Every single line, every box, every activity, every diagram (with Labeling) ALL questions written in NCERTs are relevant to board exam and will be asked directly or indirectly.

2) Previous year questions are Gold. They will be asked again.

Since class 10th syllabus is finite and small, it is not possible to create new questions every year. Students should solve the last 10 years question papers (Chapter wise or not is a personal choice) But they must be covered. Each question’s template answers should be ready! (Don’t forget to add brownie points as told in class wherever you can)

3) Knowledge is not equal to presentation.

You might know everything in your mind, but you are evaluated on what you write down on paper. Ensure that you work on answer writing skills (trust me it’s a cake walk), these skills will give you high reward in boards. In Math, Solutions should be written in proper format (in simple words, keep elaborating what you are doing in future steps). In Science, theoretical answers have a format of Inro+ Body+ Conclusion (this will come naturally if you are just conscious of format)

4) Memory is a degrading function!

We tend to forget things which are not repeated. This is the most critical Fact for every examination you are going to face in future so read it carefully. Consistent revisions are the most important thing once the topic is understood/practiced! In an exam your mind should be in performance mode (Virat Kohli doesn’t experiment on Matches, he experiments in practice sessions and keeps revising that shot untilhe’s become confident). Your game is highly simple, keep revising NCERTs and notes which you’ve prepared from reference books.

So, to sum it up:

1) Mug up NCERTs (Logically)

2) Practice Minimum 10-year PYQs

3) Work on Writing Skills

4) Keep Revising periodically

Share this article with class 10th community if you find helpful.

Thanks for Reading

Harsh Malaiya

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