RACER 2018

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RACER (Radiance Academic Excellence Reward) is a knowledge and aptitude test conducted by RADIANCE. It is designed in such a way so as to develop student’s decision- making ability and the reasoning power. It provides a unique competitive platform for the young upcoming geniuses to test their knowledge and boost their confidence to perform well in future competition.

Eligibility: Class X English medium students of Mahakoshal region are eligible for RACER 2018, however enthusiastic Hindi medium students can also participate.


  • The aim of RACER exam is to provide a unique competitive platform through and identify the young geniuses and create a talent pool for the future.
  • A rank in the RACER 2018 develops a sense of confidence in the students and their parents. These also help parents identifying the talent of their child.
  • RACER problem being tricky and more conceptual help students understand the topic well. This ultimately improves routine class results.
  • These exams help cultivate a kind of analytical thinking in the children which is useful in any examination, be it JEE Mains, Advanced, BITSAT or any other competitive exam.
  • RACER help School students to test their understanding, level of knowledge and power of reasoning.
  • RACER not only improves the logical thinking and brains faster working but also give a career path to young ones.
  • RACER exam not only tests the basic subjects taught in the school, these also enhance the analytical reasoning ability in a child. It increases the thinking capacity, problem solving skills, confidence and hence helps in an all over development of a child at a young stage.
  • RACER 2018 is absolutely FREE.


RACER 2018 will be conducted in 2 levels:

Level-1 will be conducted in Schools till 25th Oct 2017 however if RACER team do not reach your school you can get registered via link given at bottom of this page for one of the following two test dates: 29th Oct 2017, 5th Nov 2017 and 8th Nov 2017 at RADIANCE test centers.

Result of Level 1 will be declared on 13th Nov 2017.

Level-1 qualified students are eligible for Level 2 which will be conducted on 26th Nov 2017 at Radiance Test Centers. No further registration needed for Level-2.

Result of Level-2 will be declared on 10th Dec 2017.


School Level (Level-1)

1ST PRIZE: Rs 2100/- and 30% SCH*
2nd PRIZE: Rs 1100/- and 25%SCH*
3rd PRIZE: Rs 500/- and 20%SCH*

Mahakoshal Level (Level-2):

1ST PRIZE: Rs 51000/- and100%SCH*
2ND PRIZE: Rs 31000/- and 95%SCH*
3RD PRIZE: Rs 21000/- and 90%SCH*


  • 10 Prizes of Rs5100/- and 50%SCH* each

*SCH represents the percentage Scholarship awarded in Radiance Classroom Program

 All the level 1 qualified students will be awarded 5%SCH and an appreciation certificate from Radiance

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https://www.radmock.com/index.php?/examtest?test_type=sectional_test&test_id=5&testName= RACER -(Sample paper)- 2017-18

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