Admission to this program will be on the basis of either RACER or “Admission cum Scholarship Test” whose syllabus will be that of Class 9th and 10th taken together and IQ. RADIANCE provides scholarships to deserving students, which solely depends on the performance of student in above test.

A word of Advice

If you want to perform up to your upper limit in all the competitive exams in the year 2020, you have to strategically plan your schedule and do whatever is needed to implement it up to your expectation. Here are a few tips that might help you to plan better:

  1. If you join a coaching, then also don't compromise with the study at school, at the end of each day be sure that nothing is pending for tomorrow.
  2. A better schooling grooms you for upcoming challenges that you might be getting as an engineer in future. Hence please don't ignore it.
  3. Stick to fundamentals.

    Myth : If I practice tougher problems, I will be able to solve tougher ones in exam.

    Reality : Problems are just a medium to check, whether you understand a particular concept or not. And if you think that a problem is tough, means there must be some fundamental lacking in yourself, try to mend it.

  4. Try to solve your difficulties of your own, and if required, just take a hint from your tuitor/ teacher and then again try yourself. Success never comes easy.
  5. Never count hours of study because it is quality of hours which matters not quantity.
  6. The purpose of coaching is to accelerate the process of learning and always choose that coaching where the most experienced faculty teaches you and clears your doubts for entire 2 years, rather than choosing those coaching where there are large numbers of inexperienced faculties and which attracts students by offers/ promotions/ schemes.

Remember, there is little or almost no relation between your performance up to class 10th and performance in class 11th and 12th. So in any case you have to take a fresh start.


Admission to this program will be on the basis of performance in class 10th and 11 th. RADIANCE provides scholarships to deserving students, which solely depends up on the performance of student in school exams of class 10th and 11th.

A Word of Advice

One year program demands high level of energy and commitment from your side. Best way to crack the JEE (Main and Advance) now is think high, maintain consistency in study hours (in both quality and quantity) and stick to fundamental understanding of the subjects. Instead of solving too many problems of a particular topic, solve that much number of problems which are just sufficient to understand that topic. Be mentally tough, don't change your strategies very frequently.


Admission Procedure

Admission to this program will be on the basis of performance of student in JEE Main 2018/ JEE Advanced 2018/ BITSAT 2018/ XII 2018. RADIANCE provides scholarships to deserving students.

A word of Advice

Who should take the drop? If you can explain the reason well, for not performing up to your expectations in the last attempt and you feel that you have in you that mental toughness which is required to counter that reason, you should take a drop otherwise plan something else. When you start reading a topic, read it as if you are reading it for first time otherwise you will amplify your mistakes of last year.

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